Unigreen Marine Panama... 2012

About Us

UNIGREEN MARINE, S.A. (UMS) subsidiary of the Group Evergreen Marine Corp., with seat in Taipei, is a shipping agency that offers transport service of container load to international level. We began operations in Panama on 17 of April of 1995. And our primary target is to cover and to satisfy the existing demand of containers load movement within Caribbean area . At this moment Unigreen Marine. S.A. has gained the confidence and credibility of our clients through the implantation of a successful customer service program and a complex information system, becoming one of the most important Ship companies of international level. Unigreen Marine, S.A. now has around 90 employee in our Panama and colon office.

UNIGREEN MARINE, S.A. this constituted according to the laws of Panama, as a private company whose main activity is to offer marine transport services of contenerizada load to international level. It began operations in Panama the 17 of April of 1995. Its primary target at that time was to cover and to satisfy the existing demand of the movement of load of containers within the area of the Caribbean, being offered its services in the ports Cartagena and Barranquilla in Colombia, of Port Hair and the Guaira in Venezuela, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Haina River in the Dominican Republic, Kingston in Jamaica, Port Lemon in Costa Rica, and Curazao UMS is located physically in two sectors; the administrative offices are located in their main building Evergreen in the group of judges of San Francisco, behind the convention center Atlapa and has a branch located within the facilities of Colon Terminal Container, the North Single Coco in the Province of Columbus, in the Atlantic Coast of the Republic of Panama. This company is composed by a Chairman (representing of Evergreen corp.), a president, a vice-president, General departments of Finances, Business and Trade, Quality, Subjects, Maintenance, Service to the Client, Calculation, legal Consultant's office, each one of these directed by a manager and his assistants.

The Key To Sustained Success Talented people and effective systems are essential for a company to endure forever. The achievements of Evergreen can be attributed to excellent leadership, multiple investment, constant expansion of its fleet of ships and containers, serious attention to security and safety, and positive promotion of service quality. But the most important factors in Evergreen's success have been the establishment of a comprehensive management system and the provision of professional training for every person of talent. People of talent are the greatest assets of an enterprise. Detailed training programs and one-to-one instruction by experienced and senior staff ensure that every event is handled within standard operating procedures. As veteran staff pass professional knowledge and life experience to the new generation, they perpetuate the Evergreen spirit of "Challenge, Innovation and Teamwork." Evergreen's "Overseas/Domestic Shift Rotation" offers staff the opportunity to learn overseas and thus acquire an international perspective. At the same time, the system internationalizes our headquarters in Taiwan and brings the Evergreen spirit to our companies abroad. In this generation of globalization, knowledge is the medium of competition. Through reinforced training for people with different talents, the knowledge asset is shared and handed down from generation to generation, energizing the Evergreen spirit: to endure forever, to give quality the first priority and safety the highest. These principles are the constant self-requirements of Evergreen and also the permanent promises we make to its customers.